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License Suspension

License Suspensions and Pending Suspensions

In most cases, we can have your suspension(s) lifted with 24 to 48 hours or can stop ("stay") a scheduled suspension within 24 to 48 hours. If a court is open, same day lifts and stays can and have been be achieved.

Driving with a suspended license is a crime in New York State.  Do not drive with a suspended license.  As soon as you become aware that your license is or will become suspended, call me immediately.  We are open 24/7.

Miscellaneous Other Moving Violations

In most cases of moving violations, I will either achieve a dismissal or reduction of points to zero with substantially lower fine(s).  These include but are not limited to those items listed in the points charge elsewhere on this website.

Miscellaneous Non-Moving Violations

While there are numerous other citations which can be issued to you that carry no points, these violations will still appear on your driving record and should be avoided.  These include adult seatbelt violations, equipment violations, registration violations and driving without a license. 

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