Save Time, Money, and Aggravation. 24 HRS. In most cases we can appear on your behalf!

suffolk county traffic lawyer

Why You Should Retain the Law Firm of Anthony P. Giustino

  • I handle all phone calls personally
  • I represent you my clients from the first telephone call to the last closing mail to my clients including all motions to dismiss (no extra charge) and all court appearances.
  • Filing of Motions to Dismiss at no extra charge
  • Appearances
  • Save Points (I have focused 90% of my legal representation on traffic matters)
  • Save Time (In 95% of cases, you need not appear in court.  I will plead not guilty on your behalf and demand the documents necessary to defend your traffic matter(s)
  • Save money (I will save you money on fines - most time substantial monies; insurance rates, drivers assessment fee)
  • Save stress and aggravation

Supporting Depositions

In most cases, you are entitled to a supporting deposition(s) whenever you are stopped by a police officer.  If the officer does not provide one to you when you are stopped, I will demand a supporting deposition.  If the supporting deposition is not provided at the stop or upon demand, I will file a motion to dismiss at no extra cost.  If a supporting deposition is supplied, then I will examine the supporting deposition for legal sufficiency.  If the supporting deposition is legally deficient, I will file a motion to dismiss.  There are just a few courts and NYC where the foregoing does not apply.

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